How to correctly identify the domain

Hello, I represent to your attention an article that once and for all dispel doubts about the choice of the effective-selling domain and will save you from buying a buggy!

This is perhaps one of the easiest online business secrets, which we train our team.
How to correctly identify the domain. If someone does not know what a domain, otherwise put, this is the address of the site.

For example: the domain of one of my sites “SekretDohoda.Ru”

Choosing a name – a move very responsible. In all ages, mankind has paid a lot of time choosing a name.

This is understandable: “How do you call a boat, so it will float” Do you remember your favorite cartoon million children!

Domain – this is the most profitable investment in your business that will bring you the most traffic in relation to it (domain) value. Procedures for the selection of the domain that you just read, have shown a high level of conversion. They are all foreign marketers, I and my team!

What are the ramifications of choosing a domain name?

In any important matter, it is necessary to define the goals. In this case – with a view to stay in your network.

  • Do you want to build your business?
  • Organize a club with the same interests?
  • Share something fascinating to other people, something you want to share with them?
  • From this will depend on the type of site and therefore the choice of name.
  • Mini-site with a subscription,
  • Sell mini-site,
  • Common site
  • Blog.