Two-letter premium domains in the RU zone as an investment

It is no secret that the global domain market is booming and the cost of premium domains is growing from year to year. This is especially true of two-letter and three-letter domains.

The most valuable are com domain zones and RU.

Such domains are generally used to launch a major new business, they are actively used by banks, investment companies, advertising holding companies, large construction and IT corporations.

Premium domains as an investment

Having bought a beautiful two-letter domain name, you can not be afraid for the money spent. Even if you fail to develop your company and it will not bring the desired impact – himself a two-letter domain already has investment. Just count: in the zone ru currently about three mililonov domain names, and among them two-letter premiumnyh just 676.

“By acquiring the two-letter domain premium, you do not just amplify your brand, but also invest capital in the future.” Domain premium itself – it is worth. Prices for these domains will always grow. We believe that in the next 10 years the price of such domains will increase by 3-10 times. Evaluation experts here differ somewhat, but they are similar in one, the cost will only go up.

Successful companies and projects with premium domains

As we said above, the two-letter domain zone ru just 676, and many of them are already occupied by a variety of projects. Well-known companies prefer to choose premium domains, and the return on such a choice can wait no longer.

Two-letter domain purchased yourself:

  • Bank “Russian Standard” –
  • Bank of Moscow –
  • Yandex –
  • Blogging service “Living History” –
  • Website of the HeadHunter –
  • Social network “Classmates” –

and many other well-known companies. Domain names have become an integral part of their brand, and now most people associate it with a particular company.

The cost of a domain name premium floating and depends on the sonority, to date, the price of the two-letter domain from 50 to 200 thousand dollars, but agree that for the start of the project is a bit solid.

That and at what price we offer:

Our company offers you a beautiful and sonorous two-letter domains in the zone ru. Also, we will help you choose interesting sonorous domain for your project or company, consisting of more than two letters.

We offer the following two-letter domains in the zone RU (listed only the first letter of the name) – B, H, J, K, L, M, N, O, P, Q, W, X, Z.

Prices for two-letter domains .ru beautiful from $ 50,000
You can buy a premium domain now by contacting us via e-mail
Please write real stakeholders in the initial letter to indicate who you are and what the company represents. Upon request, give a full list of available domains.

For sale beautiful two-letter domain Ideal would look for the name of your logistics company for the train. Perhaps some financial project, an online store, etc.